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 (All classes Open to Public, some with fees)

LLL = Local Leader Lesson (for monthly unit programs) 

CLC = Christ Lutheran Church, corner of Ft Jesses& Hershey Rd, Normal

WKSP = Workshop

EO-=Extension Office, 1615 Commerce Pkwy, Blm

FB= Farm Bureau Bldg-near Interstate(Center) Drive, Blm 




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(All classes Open to Public, some with fees)

LLL = Local Leader Lesson  

CLC = Christ Lutheran Church, corner of Ft Jesses& Hershey Rd, Normal

WKSP = Workshop

EO-=Extension Office, 1615 Commerce Pkwy, Blm

FB= Farm Bureau Bldg-near Interstate(Center) Drive, Blm 


Jun 12, 2017  Cultural Enrichment  Trip to Arthur, IL

           11:30 Lunch at kitchen of Doris Yoder  Meet at 10am @ Arthur Welcome Cntr

               For event fees, details and questions:

                 Lynda, 309-821-1266   RSVP/Fees by Jun 1, 2017



Jun 14, 2017  (Wed) Downs Village Farmers Market 4-6 PM

               HCE Bake Sale Booth- Bring priced items to sell by

               3:30 pm.  Eastsiders Unit in charge. All McLean Co HCE members

              Bring Priced food items to sell. Proceeds help to fund the

                 Scholarship Fund & McLean HCE ongoing projects.

                              Kathryn - 309-275-8898


Jun 19, 2017  (Mon) 9a-3p  Community service days ~ Farm Bureau Auditorium

           Project to be announced - OR bring your own projects

                            Bring sewing machine if you have one

             Bring lunch or go out to eat.  Come and go as you are able.            

                Free and open to public   Karen Crull, 309-826-9559


Jun 19 (Mon)  2-3:30 pm  Read & Share    ~   Extension office Board room

     Read and discuss the bookThe Storied Life of A. J. Fikry: A Novel  by Gabrielle Zevin

            For more information:  Lavonne C.  309 661-6391

                        Free and open to the public


Jun 27, 2017   Board Meetings       Farm Bureau Auditorium

               8:30  Executive Board meets           10 am     Full Board meets

                            Assemble Annual Meeting Program Books

Jun 27, 2017   1:30 approx.   100th Year celebration Committee  FB Auditorium

               Each unit should send a representative to take info back to their unit     

               about History info and decisions about activities to take place all

                              year long


July 3, 2017  (Monday)  Towanda HCE Spaghetti Supper  4:30-7:00 pm

               Towanda Community Building - Advance tickets available from

               Cindy Kelley 309-824-4797 or Pat Pulokas  309-728-2118


July 11, 2017   McLean Co HCE 99th Annual Meeting   9am - 1pm

               9am-  Registration and bring in Fine Arts Exhibit items

               9:30-  Annual Meeting with program & lunch to follow

                              Program: David Congdon  "Tanner on the River"

                                             About contemporary Lewis & Clark


               Tickets should be purchased before June 27 from unit presidents OR

                              Call Alice Wick, 309-365-4631 before June 27.

               Committee:  Eastsiders, Money Creek, Lexington, Downs Units


Jul 12, 2017  (Wed) Downs Village Farmers Market 4-6 PM

               HCE Bake Sale Booth- Bring priced items to sell by

               3:30 pm.  Towanda, Downs and Dale Unit in charge.

                    All HCE members bring Priced food items to sell.

                Proceeds help to fund the Scholarship Fund and other

               McLean HCE ongoing projects.  Kathryn - 309-275-8898



July 18-20, 2017   NVON Annual Conference  ~  Raleigh, North Carolina

               Sheraton-Downtown Raleigh, NC   hosted by:

           North Carolina Extension & Community Association, INC

               More details are found on website: www.nvon.org


Jul 25, 2017   Joint New/Old Board Meetings       Farm Bureau Auditorium

               8:15  Executive Joint Board meets           9am   Brunch Potluck

                              10 am     Full Joint Board meets


August 2-6, 2017   McLean County Fair and 4-H Show

               McLean HCE has a booth in Cloverleaf Hall


August 3, 2017  (Thu)  Young at Heart Day at the McLean County Fair

               and 4-H Show  8:30 - 11:30   Interstate Center

                              Cloverleaf Hall Auditorium   ~   Features:

·        Free Gate Admission until noon (includes parking)

                              For those age 60 and over!

·        Educational Booths of organizations serving seniors

·        Musical Entertainment: Dynamics & The Central IL Banjo Band

·        Refreshments and Door Prizes throughout the morning

                              Contact Co-Chairmen:

      Donna LaMar, 309-829-2537  or Cindy Kelley, 309-824-4797


Aug 9, 2017  (Wed) Downs Village Farmers Market 4-6 PM

               HCE Bake Sale Booth- Bring priced items to sell by

               3:30 pm.  Dry Grove, Lexington Units in charge.

                   All HCE members bring Priced food items to sell.

                   Proceeds help to fund the Scholarship Fund and other

               McLean HCE ongoing projects.  Kathryn - 309-275-8898


Sep 6, 2017  (Wed) Downs Village Farmers Market 4-6 PM

               HCE Bake Sale Booth- Bring priced items to sell by

               3:30 pm.  Towanda Unit in charge.

                   All members bring Priced food items to sell.

                   Proceeds help to fund the Scholarship Fund and

               McLean HCE ongoing projects.  Kathryn - 309-275-8898



Sep 13, 2017  (Wed) Downs Village Farmers Market 4-6 PM

               HCE Bake Sale Booth- Bring priced items to sell

                   By 3:30 pm.  Night Owls & Normal Units in charge.

                   All members bring Priced food items to sell.

                   Proceeds help to fund the HCE Scholarship Fund and

               Other McLean HCE ongoing projects.  Kathryn - 309-275-8898


Oct 21, 2017 (SAT) HCE Attic Treasures & Bake Sale  8am-2pm

               More details as event gets closer of when to bring items.

               Proceeds of sale to benefit:    McLean Co 4-H program

                              & other HCE projects

      Start pricing your sale items now. Will not accept clothing but take

      Purses, jewelry and scarfs. Bring household, holiday, toys, china,

      Knick knacks, pictures, baskets, décor, Christmas & Fall items,

      Books, craft items. More info: Cindy, 309-824-4797 or Pat, 309-728-2118




LIKE our facebook page at: http://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/McLean-County-Association-for-Home-and-Community-Education.



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TRIPS & TOURS 2016  

(Updated 06.06.2017)

Articles about previous trips (Including May 23 Spring Trip to Michigan City, IN) and Programs BELOW Upcoming Trip Info

For more TRIP/TOUR INFORMATION or to give ideas of future trips/tours

                          CONTACT: 2015-2016 HCE Special Activities Chairmen-

Karen Carrigan  309-862-1354,      OR

 Alice Martin, 309-826-9633, ajmartin56@comcast.net


2017 "FALL" TRIP TO:

Hillsboro, INDIANA




Myers Dinner Theatre to see



More details soon!

Karen- 862-1354  or Alice- 826-9633



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UPDATED: 06.06.2017

*** Articles About HCE Programs/Trips***

May 23, 2017 Trip to Michigan City, IN

Thirty-six people, 25 members and 11 guests traveled to Michigan City, IN on May 23rd. We toured the beautiful Barker Mansion and gardens. We had an excellent tour guide who shared a lot of history of the Barker Family and the mansion itself. John Barker made his fortune when he bought an interest in a small freight car manufacturing plant, Haskell and Barker Car Company in 1858. The company was later known as “Car Works” and grew to have an annual capacity of 15,000 freight cars by 1910 and the Barker Estate was then estimated at 50-60 million dollars.


We walked a short distance to the Lighthouse Restaurant where we enjoyed lunch. Service, food and atmosphere was very good! We then journeyed to the Light House Museum located in Washington Park. This was the first Lighthouse in Michigan City. Some of us braved the narrow staircase to the top of the Lighthouse. We ended our day at the Outlet Mall before heading home.



October 29, 2016 Trip to Covington, IN

Thirty eight HCE members and 5 guests traveled together to Covington, IN for our Fall Trip to The Beef House Dinner Theatre on Sat, Oct 29. We enjoyed a delicious buffet lunch which included the famous rolls for which The Beef House is noted for. We then sat back to enjoy the play “Driving Miss Daisy”.


Driving Miss Daisy is a Pulitzer Prize winning comedy. It is a story that is set in the suburbs of Atlanta, GA in the late 1940s. Daisy is an elderly Jewish widow that can no longer drive and her son insists she needs a chauffeur. He hires a black man who is elderly himself, named Hoke. Driving Miss Daisy is an exploration of Hoke and Daisy’s relationship all the way into the early 1970’s. Eventually, Hoke and Daisy form a bond that is perhaps stronger than Daisy’s bond with her own son.


HCE member Anna Marie Chrisman and her husband met us at the Beef House and sat with our group. Their daughter starred as Miss Daisy and her Grandson actually played the part of Miss Daisy’s son in the play. The cast was excellent job of acting and they were very funny!


It was a very enjoyable fall afternoon. Everyone seemed to enjoy the day. The Beef House seems to be a very popular destination. I gave everyone a save the date card for our Spring Trip to Michigan City, IN on May 23, 2017.

Karen Carrigan & Alice Martin


May 26, 2016 Spring Trip to Springfield, IL

To the Governor's Executive Mansion, Lincoln Library, Lincoln Museum and

Russell Stover Outlet Store (on way home)

Twenty four HCE members and 7 guests went on our Spring trip to Springfield.  Our first stop was at the Executive Mansion for a tour. This Italianate mansion has been the official residence of Illinois governors since 1855. It is actually the 3rd oldest Governor’s residence in the country.  There are multiple beautiful chandeliers throughout, including 3 Waterford chandeliers in the dining room. The mansion is undergoing renovations, most of the money is coming from private funding since it is a low priority in the budget. A display of china includes one piece of Mary Lincoln’s china as well as pieces used by various governors. The second floor was closed off due to water damage, but the rooms we were allowed to view was well worth the visit.  The grounds surrounding the mansion are well kept and beautiful, wish we could have spent more time in the gardens.


Our next stop was for lunch at the Abraham Lincoln Library, where we were greeted with our own sign. Britta Brackney, the Facilities Rental Manager welcomed us and a wonderful lunch was served buffet style. Each one of us received a commentary coffee mug.  


After lunch Dr. James Cornelius, Curator of the Lincoln Collection at the Presidential Library presented “What’s in a Name: The Many Monikers of the Lincolns” He took us from “Honest Abe” to “is it Abram or Abraham?” to the ongoing mystery of what to call Mrs. Lincoln.  Examining others in the Lincoln period as well, we see how much our names reveal about politics and our times. He told us that Lincoln was called “spotty Lincoln” because he was so persistent in knowing exactly where the spot was on which the blood of our citizens was shed during the Mexican War.  Was it in Texas or Mexico? Dr. Corneilius is a wealth of knowledge and I could have listened to him all day. A bit of interesting information we learned was that Lincoln broke his engagement to Mary for about a year and then they were reunited.


After we spent about two hours in the museum we got on the bus to head home, but we had one more stop at The Russell Stover Outlet Store.  Some of us had ice cream cones or sundaes and most of us stocked up on candy.


I think that we all had a wonderful day in Springfield with our tour of Executive Mansion, wonderful lunch and history lession, visit to the Lincoln Museum and stop at Russell Stover’s.

Linda Bergren & Karen Carrigan


OCT 24, 2015 Fall Trip to Covington, IN

And the Beef House Dinner Theater


On Saturday Oct 24 at 9:30 AM, forty members and guests boarded a bus headed to The Beef House Dinner Theater in Covington, IN.  We were looking forward to enjoying a good meal and the play “Steel Magnolias”.  I have to say, I don’t think any of us were disappointed in the meal or the play.  If you have ever been to the Beef House, you know they are famous for their homemade rolls and strawberry jelly.  Well, we started out with salad and “THE ROLLS” and then went to a buffet that included roast beef, pork, turkey, lasagna, potatoes, rice, vegetables and more rolls if we wanted them. Dessert was peach cobbler or a triple berry cobbler, and if that wasn’t enough, at intermission we were offered homemade cookies. Yum!


The cast did a wonderful job of portraying Robert Harling’s “Steel Magnolias”. The cast in the movie included Dolly Parton as Truvy the beautician; Sally Fields as Mary Lynn or M’Lynn, Shelby’s mother; Julie Roberts as Shelby; Shirley MacLaine as Louisa or Ouiser, the town curmudgeon; Olympia Dukakis best friend to Ouiser; and Annelle played Daryl Hannah, the new person in town and beautician apprentice.


The play revolves around Truvy’s Beauty Parlor.  It is about a close circle of friends in a small southern town whose lives come together in the beauty shop.  It is filled with humor and heartbreak as they cope with the death of one of their own.


The story is based on Robert Harling sisters' death due to complications of type I diabetes after childbirth.


Our bus was full for this trip (we even had a waiting list) so I think this was a popular event.  We returned about 5:15 PM, certainly we were full and I think we all had a wonderful day.

Linda Bergren & Karen Carrigan


2015 May 13 Spring Trip

JACKSONVILLE, IL and the Underground Railroad


On May 13, 28 HCE members and 6 guests travelled to Jacksonville, IL. to learn about the Underground Railroad. We stopped at the Convention and Visitors Bureau for a rest stop and coffee.  There we met Art Wilson, a researcher, historian and founding director of the Under Ground Rail Road Committee (UGRR). Art accompanied us on the bus as we learned about the UGRR on our way out to the Duncan Mansion.  I can’t say enough about Art.  He is extremely knowledge and well versed in the local stories of the UGRR.  He has not only done most of the research but is also instrumental in getting grants and government  monies to help establish this wonderful history.


On our way to the Duncan Mansion we passed and learned about The Congregational Church, established in 1833, all members were anti-slavery and many members who risked prison and fines by actively providing shelter, clothing, transportation and food to the slaves.  We also saw Beecher Hall on Illinois College Campus.  The Rev. Edward Beecher was the brother of Harriet Beecher Stowe.  The Porter Clay House was also seen, Mr. Clay being the brother of Henry Clay.  His wife, Elizabeth was from Kentucky and brought with her two slaves.  This caused conflict in the community.  Fearing that Mrs. Clay would send them back into slavery, they fled the home and hid with friends in Africa (an area in Jacksonville where the blacks lived). In Jacksonville, there are at least 9 documented sites that were safe places where abolitionists helped runaways, or also called “freedom seekers.”


We toured the Duncan Mansion, a 3 story, 17 room Mansion built in 1834 for Illinois Governor Joseph Duncan, his wife Elizabeth and their family.  It served as the official Governor’s Mansion during Duncan's term of office (1834-1838)


Lunch was at Lonzerotti’s, a renovated railroad station.  Many of the Italian dishes that were served were recipes handed down from the Lonzerotti Family.


Our last stop was Woodlawn Farm.  The farm was settled in 1824 by Michael Huffaker and his wife from Kentucky.  Michael employed four free African-American families for whom he provided cabins. People were used to seeing blacks working on the farm and didn’t suspect that this was a safe house for “freedom seekers.” In 2003, Art Wilson and the UGRR committee with assistance of Morgan County Historical Society purchased Woodlawn Farm, where Art Wilson lived for awhile.  The UGRR Committee is continuing to develop the property into a living history museum.


This was a wonderful educational trip that helped to make us more aware of “freedom seekers” and the brave people who were helping to provide safe places as they moved across the country where they could find freedom.

Linda Bergren & Karen Carrigan


2014 OCT 9 Fall Trip to GENEVA, IL

Forty three people went on the fall trip to Geneva, IL. – 32 HCE members and 11 guests. First stop was at the Geneva History Center where we were all surprised to learn that Chicago was America’s Candy Capital. We were all familiar with Wrigley, but were surprised to learn about all the other candies made in Chicago, such as Curtiss Candies, Cracker Jacks, Brach’s, M&M Mars, Musketeer, Snickers, Milky Way, Butterfinger, Milk Duds, Red Hots, Fannie May and several more. At one time Chicago was home to more than 100 candy companies. After about one hour we re-boarded the bus along with Heidi our guide from the History Center.  It was just a short distance down Third Street to our restaurant “The Little Traveler”, Heidi pointed out several historical buildings along the way and gave us a short history about Geneva. 


We all enjoyed lunch at the charming Café in the historic “Little Traveler”.  It has been a landmark in Geneva since 1922. It all started with Mr. and Mrs. Edmund Raftery.  They purchased this magnificent Victorian home and became friends with Lucy Calhoun whose husband was an important emissary of the United States to the Court of the Last Dowager of China.  Lucy began sending her friend Kate Raftery bolts of silks, fur robes, pewter deer and ducks, as well as jade ornaments. Kate was delighted with the finds and knew others would be too. Soon the collection continued to grow and so did the Rafterys’ reputation.  The small shop expanded into arcades, Victorian corridors, captain’s walks and wings, green gardens and courtyards.  We had ample time to explore all the rooms at “The Little Traveler” and many of the little shops in downtown Geneva before returning to the bus and heading home.


It was raining when we left Bloomington but the sun was shining in Geneva which contributed to us having a wonderful day.

Linda Bergren & Karen Carrigan




Forty nine persons boarded a bus on May 20, 2014, sponsored by McLean County Home and Community Education to “Meander Southwest McLean County” with Don Meyer, tour guide.  There were many drive by highlights of the trip.  A few of which were: Mrs. Spencer Ewing home, founder of Home Bureau; Yuton grain elevator; Old Peoria Rd; Dry Grove Township, Interurban RR; 3rd Principle Meridian @ 600 Rd; ghost towns of Wilkesborough, Woodruff, Hamlin/Lilly; Concord (Danvers); north/south corn cribs; Moraines;  Mosquito Grove Township; Mahomet Aquifer; Stanford Cracker Jack Crib; Moore’s Mill; Dixie’s Truck Stop; Prairie and Outlook Homes; several of the former fair grounds.  


We were told many agricultural facts, history of homes and areas of McLean County.  Sites visited in Atlanta were Colaw Home, Hawes Grain Elevator, Clock tower, Octagonal library, shops and lunch at Palms Grill. After a wonderful trip the group returned home with our heads spinning with much new information. 

Jane Wood, 2013-14 Special Activities Chairman


 2013 HCE Fall Trip to Joliet

October 29, 2013


Twenty three McLean County HCE members and 9 guests traveled to Joliet on Tuesday, October 29, 2013.  First stop was the Abraham Lincoln National Cemetery.   A step on guide told us a few interesting stories about veterans buried there.  The veteran who inspired the movie “Bat 21”  was one of the stories.  It was explained what the qualifications were to be laid to rest at this National Cemetery.  We saw where the memorial services were held and were amazed at the number of services held each day.


Next we drove to Joliet. Our host, Kelly greeted us at the Jacob Henry Mansion and gave us some time to enjoy the beautiful home before lunch was served.  Following lunch Lori Mestas presented a program designed to motivate us to “Make Our Lives Count”.   Then it was Kelly’s turn to tell us about the Mansion, it’s owners and builders.  One last look at the details of the Mansion and we then walked to the Old Central Church which was built by Jacob Henry.  Fortunately one of our group was able to play the 2,000 pipe organ.  What a thrill to hear the organ.  The church is now used for weddings and receptions.


Before starting home, we made one last stop at Gji’s Sweet Shoppe.  Of course we all had to make a purchase or have some ice cream.  When our sweet tooth was satisfied it was time for the drive home. Games were played during the drive home and another wonderful trip has gone into the record books.

Jane Wood, 2013 Special Activities Chairman



“The Barn Quilts of McLean County”

22 members and 11 guests boarded an Eloquent Limousine at the FS office, 402 N Hershey Rd, Bloomington for a McLean County Barn Quilt tour.  Kay Henricks was our guide for the day.  As we approached each barn she told us a little about the farm and owners of the barn where the quilt was located.  She, also, included was a description of the quilt design and it’s history.  We learned local poets have written a poem about each quilt and it’s location.  The group enjoyed photographing the barn and quilts while listening to Kay read the poems and tell some history of the location.  After viewing the barn quilts in the Danvers area we arrived in Mackinaw - first stop was the Trafic Jam, a unique boutique.  What fun we had browsing and making purchases.  Next stop was The Depot Tea Room for lunch.  Of course, there was a little more shopping as we waited to be seated.   After a delicious lunch with wonderful desserts we boarded the bus to finish our tour of the barn quilts.  After viewing a total of 10 quilts we arrived back at our cars at 5:30 p.m.


Kevin, our driver, did a wonderful job finding his way through McLean County and what a delightful, informative guide we had.   Thank you Kay for a wonderful day.

Jane Wood, 2013 Special Activities Chairman



The Home & Community Education Fall Trip was a wonderful success!!   On October 3,  8 guests & 24 HCE members departed Bloomington. IL for a trip to explore Rockford IL.  First stop was Tinker Swiss Village.  It is a very unique home of architecture wonders.  Robert Tinker was a talented man and did woodworking & portrait painting to name two.  He traveled the world and his home reflected the things he liked most from his favorite places.   Next we boarded a tour boat to cruise the Rock River and ate lunch while aboard.  Back on land saw us headed to Anderson Japanese Gardens.  There we learned much about what a Japanese Garden must be comprised of.  The trails led to Japanese tea house, guest house, waterfalls, ponds and fall colors.  Final stop was Coronado Theatre.  This is a must see for anyone traveling to Rockford.  We were treated to a recital on a 1926 organ.  We viewed a silent movie which brought many laughs.  Included was a tour of the owners & renters apartments.  It was a long day but very enjoyable. 

Jane Wood, 2012 Special Activities Chairman


APRIL, 2012

“The Ottawa Reddick Mansion, Ottawa, & Starved Rock” Spring Trip 

McLean County Home & Community Education had a delightful trip on April 17 to visit Ottawa’s very beautiful Reddick Mansion and then tour the murals on many Ottawa buildings. The Convention and Visitors Bureau surprised us by presenting each person with a red votive candle holder from the Peltier Glass Factory. 


Another unexpected treat was an additional tour of the large, older homes of Ottawa and the commentary by the bus driver who grew up in the area.  He told some of his memories, especially buying popcorn from the “Popcorn Wagon”.  On the way to Starved Rock we passed through Naplate where there are many homes converted to restaurants, especially Italian.  In Naplate we saw where white silica sand is mined.  The driver regaled us with stories of his experiences along the river. 


At Starved Rock we had a lovely buffet lunch followed by a tribute to Neil Diamond.   As we boarded the bus we experienced another unplanned surprise - the entertainers boarded the bus and spent time telling us about themselves and their musical activities.  These trip “extras” made a wonderful trip even more memorable.

Jane Wood, 2012 Special Activities Chairman


(October, 2010)

Thursday, October 21, was our International Night program.  We were learning more about the country of Israel.  Seventy members and guests sampled foods that were prepared by members of the Units. 

Israeli Sabbath Stew was a main dish we sampled. It contained meat, chickpeas, navy beans, onions, potatoes and spices, and water to cover the ingredients.  Uncooked eggs in the shell were added and the stew was cooked on low for 8 or 9 hours.  The eggs were then shelled and used as garnish.  Another main dish was Israeli Sukkot Stew, and included meat, onions, white potatoes, sweet potatoes, carrots, prunes and dried apricots and some spices and water to cover.  This had to cook only 4 hours.

Israeli Vegetable Salad included lots of vegetables that were diced into very small pieces.  It was mixed together with olive oil, lemon juice and salt & pepper.  We had this served in pita bread halves.

Israeli Couscous Salad combined cooked cooled couscous and kidney beans, peppers, onion, chopped cilantro.  It was mixed with lime juice, honey and olive oil and was an interesting salad.

Desserts were Polish Apple Cake and Rugelach, which is a favorite at the Jewish Food Fair. 

After this filling meal, the program about Israel was given by Ted and Donna Loy.  They have done much study about this country and the land around.  In 2005 they toured the country and took many pictures of the places they visited.  They shared some scriptures that related to the spots they showed.  Every country has an interest in what happens in Israel in the past and the future.  We thank the Loy’s for their sharing to help us have a better understanding of the people and their struggles to maintain their country.

Sheila Wells, 2010 HCE Public Information Chairman


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