Antique Study Groups



The purposes of an Antique Study Group (ASG) are to share a common interest in antiques; to increase our own knowledge through research and study; to share with and teach others and, to promote the preservation of historic items/sites. 

McLean County Home and Community Education (HCE), in cooperation with University of Illinois Extension-Mclean County) sponsors the Antique Study Groups. They were established in 1977 with the guidance of Margaret Esposito, Home Extension Advisor at the time. The groups were an outgrowth of lessons on antiques that Margaret taught during the American Bicentennial Celebration. 

A small sampling of past programs:

1. Antique Lighting

2. Historical Home Tours

3. Hometown Postal Cards

4. History of Barns in McLean County

5. Study of Victorian Traditions

6. Southwest Indian Cultures

7. Field Trips to historical places

To learn about starting your own antique study group or about becoming a member of an existing one, call University of Illinois Extension-McLean County at 309-663-8306
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