2019-2020    Committee Assignments Below Officers list


President Becky Toohill                              309 532-2125

Oversee the Executive Board and Regular Board Meetings

Establish continuity and facilitate McLean County Association for Home & Community Education business.

President Elect Unfilled position
1st Vice President (Program)  Kathleen Emery                     309-728-2784  or 309-824-2784

Jeanie Wager                             309-728-2852

Donna LaMar                             309-829-2537 

Secure lesson topics and mini-lessons called Fact Finds and other appropriate programming during the year.

Facilitate Home and Community Education programs.

2nd  Vice President     (Membership)


Karen Crull                                 309-826-9559
Joann Hart                                  309-310-9205

 Promote, increase and maintain HCE membership.

Maintain records of membership, golden age members (those with 50+

                 years of membership) and new members.

Assist  and encourage units with activities to gain new members


Promote Membership Activities such as Membership Tea



Eileen Norin                              309-533-1135

Promote the accurate recording of the minutes and other correspondence and written transactions of the McLean County Association for Home and Community Education.

Treasurer    (Finance)

Asst Treasurer

 Fran Burns                             309-299-5671

Jane Callahan                      309-531-1195

 Maintain accurate record of all incoming funds and outgoing expenses of HCE and submit these records for audit.

Develop a new budget for the next year and to submit the year’s financial activity to the membership at the annual meeting.